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Welcome to SicilyHomeFood!

Welcome to SicilyHomeFood!
Among the colours and the warmth of our Sicily, we welcome you to our tables. A familiar ambiance, our hospitality and typical culinary art make for an unforgettable passage in the land of Sicily. If you’re traveling and you like exploring the arts and cultures of each place and immerging yourself in real and authentic moments, then you have just found the keys to open the doors to our houses. The secret is on our tables, with tasty treats handed down from generation to generation, influenced by the (more or less strong) taste of ancient and historical dominations, along with the unmistakable hospitality of Sicilians.

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A real treasure in the triangle of land settled in the heart of the Mediterranean: art, the love of food and hospitality are our pride and joy for travellers who want to discover a world of colour, made from many delights and genuine smiles. Enjoy our tables, laden with delicacies and traditional dishes prepared by genuine hosts who will welcome you with great desire to show you our culture. We will prepare the various dishes in our own homes and you will be the protagonists in this wonderful journey that is called Sicily.

Thanks to its geographical and climatic features, Sicily, an island in the heart of the Mediterranean, is a natural laboratory that offers the opportunity to have local, fresh, wholesome and high quality products on the table and these are the same that we use for the creation of our traditional Sicilian dishes. For the variety of cultural influences, the microclimatic conditions and geography, Sicily is a “continent” of tastes and customs sometimes different among themselves. In every corner of the region you will find dishes from different areas of the mountains or from the sea, on the tables of the “Patruna” (Owner in Sicilian). This is the charm of culinary Sicily… a “continent” of taste, flavours and traditions.


If you are fond of traditional Sicilian cuisine, love to relate with people and you’ve got a great sense of hospitality and belonging to our land, if you are able to relate with travelers and have a nice comfy home in an easily accessible turistic area, then contact us immediately using the form: to become a part of SicilyHomeFood will be a wonderful and rewarding experience!

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SicilyHomeFood wants the opportunity to show the world how to appreciate our typical products, the kitchen and the warm hospitality of Sicilian people. In addition, the purpose of our association is to...


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